BeneVision WorkStation


Mindray’s BeneVision WorkStation delivers real-time, clinically relevant patient information to care teams in locations other than the traditional central station including war-rooms and supporting departments. Our comprehensive Remote View function provides a real-time view of waveforms and parameters, audible/visible alarms and ability to print strips/reports.  Patient data stored on the BeneVision Central Station can also be viewed including events, full disclosure waveforms, and graphical and tabular trends.

Key Features

  • Display/sector layout can be configured independently of BeneVision Central Station layout
  • Supports up to four displays, 16 devices/patients per display, 32 devices/patients per system
  • Straightforward user interface utilizing either touchscreen, or keyboard and mouse
  • View real-time waveforms and parameters
  • Supports audible/visible alarm notification
  • Print real time reports including trends, events, and full disclosure
  • Reset/pause alarms, discharge patients, enable standby
  • Adjust parameter/arrhythmia alarm limits
  • Adjust ST points
  • Start/adjust NIBP intervals
  • Activate Night Mode/Privacy Mode

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