Mindray A7

Mindray Anaesthesia Machine A7

A full range of ICU grade ventilation modes meet your demands through all the stages of anesthesia.

Digital gas mixer with safe low flow by Optimizer

The digital gas mixer makes fresh gas flow setting easier and more precise.
The fresh gas glow Optimizer indicates the recommended fresh gas flow setting against your current setting value and the minimum O2needed of the patient. It enables a safe low flow and minimize the waste of anesthetic agents and medical gases.

Precise Monitoring

With improved single slot CO2 module or double slot anesthetic agent capability the Mindray Plug-and-Play Multi-Gas modules provide comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, auto-detection of five anesthetic agents, as well as BIS & NMT.
AA Measurement: The new anesthetic agent calculation software enables you to monitor the real time agent consumption and keeps cost in mind.Sample Gas return: The monitoring sample gas returns to breathing circuit, it saves the cost for medical gas and anesthetic agent as well as reducing the waste gas.

Visible Anesthesia

AA Prediction

By the new A7, it is possible to see the future of Anesthetic Agent, for both FiAA and EtAA. A full time trend of AA shows the trend of AA for the past, current and future together with MAC value.

O2 Prediction

The same as AA Prediction, the trend shows the fresh gas flow O2 trend for both FiO2 and EtO2.

Lung Recruitment

The new Lung Recruitment function induces sustained improvements in gas exchange, respiratory mechanics, and may counteract detrimental effects of pneumoperitoneum in healthy and obese patients during laparoscopic surgery.

NMT monitoring for optimal time of intubation

With the revolutionary integrated NMT module, muscle relaxation monitoring could be easily achieving on the new A7, it helps decision-making to enable endotracheal intubation.

Visual Self-test and Smart Alarm

Visualizing the System Self-test procedure with graphs and charts to simplify complicated operation steps.
The Smart Alarm providing the real-time graphic information enables urgently correction of the fatal error more quickly.

Complete Touch & Beyond

The revolutionary fully-touch and hard key-free control helps you to communicate with the anesthesia system like never before.
A back-up Touch Pad and mouse control enables easy control access for both standing and sitting position.

Easy FGF Adjusting

With the digital gas mixer, users could directly set the total flow and O2percentage, or the flow of O2 and the balance gas respectively.
With the traditional easy to use knobs, users could set the FGF value by digital setting of adjusting the knobs.
A backup mechanical flowmeter with O2+AIR/N2O will be ejected in case the digital gas mixer fails to work.

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