Wato EX-65

Mindray Wato Ex-65


more powerful

The new WATO EX-65 takes the recognized feature-rich WATO EX-65 to the next level.
Equipped with smart ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities the new WATO EX- 65 offers a complete range of controlled and support modes of ventilation; including PCV-VG, SIMV-VG and many more to fully meet the ventilation requirements for all your patients.

The new anesthetic agent calculation software and intuitive UI supports more efficient fresh gas, agent and parameter setting which may help to reduce wasteful ‘over-delivery’ and associated costs.

more integrated

The new compact WATO EX-65 is equipped with outstanding functionality.
Plug-and-Play Multi-Gas module providing comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, auto-identification of 5 anesthetic agents and BIS.
The new integrated user adjustable patient suction is ideally located and available whenever you need it. (Optional).

more user-friendly

With a 12-inch full color touch-screen, the easy-to-use UI supports informed decision making through clearly displayed graphical and numerical data. The new flat-menu structure reduces the amount of interaction required to make control and parameter changes, streamlining your workflow.


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