iPM Series


Mindray’s new iPM patient monitor series has been designed to meet your everyday clinical requirements, integrating seamlessly into your hospital workflow. In acute care, a patient monitor must be intuitive to operate and allow you to access data where and when you need it. In case of patient transport, the device should be easy to carry and provide reliable monitoring performance. With its lightweight and modular design, its powerful features and intuitive user interface, the iPM patient monitor is therefore your optimal choice for acute care.

Based on a plug-and-play modular structure, iPM’s monitoring functions can be quickly adjusted according to your specific clinical requirements. An intuitive interface with configurable user modes and easy to use functions helps you to save time and improve overall patient care. Thanks to wired and wireless network connections with Mindray’s central monitoring system, all iPM patient data can be viewed conveniently from the nurse station or any bedside monitor in the network. Furthermore, eGataway and HL7 capabilities allow iPM to connect to the HIS/CIS systems.

iPM’s alarm lights have been designed in a unique way and can be seen from 360 degrees. This helps you to identify and react to critical situations also when not directly at the bedside. Furthermore, the «view other patient» function provides convenient access to all monitoring information from any point of care. Various mounting solutions, such as a wall mount with quick-release, make iPM even more convenient to use.


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