iPM Series


Mindray’s new iPM patient monitor series has been designed to meet your everyday clinical requirements, integrating seamlessly into your hospital workflow. In acute care, a patient monitor must be intuitive to operate and allow you to access data where and when you need it. In case of patient transport, the device should be easy to carry and provide reliable monitoring performance. With its lightweight and modular design, its powerful features and intuitive user interface, the iPM patient monitor is therefore your optimal choice for acute care.

Based on a plug-and-play modular structure, iPM’s monitoring functions can be quickly adjusted according to your specific clinical requirements. An intuitive interface with configurable user modes and easy to use functions helps you to save time and improve overall patient care. Thanks to wired and wireless network connections with Mindray’s central monitoring system, all iPM patient data can be viewed conveniently from the nurse station or any bedside monitor in the network. Furthermore, eGataway and HL7 capabilities allow iPM to connect to the HIS/CIS systems.

iPM’s alarm lights have been designed in a unique way and can be seen from 360 degrees. This helps you to identify and react to critical situations also when not directly at the bedside. Furthermore, the «view other patient» function provides convenient access to all monitoring information from any point of care. Various mounting solutions, such as a wall mount with quick-release, make iPM even more convenient to use.


uMec Series


Advanced Performance

With Mindray’s 25-year experience in patient monitoring, uMEC series patient monitors cater to clinical needs by offering precise and stable measurement of essential parameters. When monitoring is reliable, you can naturally be more confident with your clinical decisions.

Easy to Use

As an user-friendly patient monitor, uMEC helps to simplify workflow and improve efficiency. The monitor provides very intuitive user interface to help faster and easier applications even for new users. Caregivers need less time for training, and get more time for patient care.

High Durability

To be effective in different environment, uMEC has passed strict electrical safety tests and reliability tests. It is extremely durable and has a long life span.


iMec Series


Mindray’s iMEC has been designed based on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge in patient monitoring. It integrates Mindray’s proven technology, rich know-how in ergonomic design and the latest ASIC technology, thereby delivering impressive reliability and performance.

Its portable structure, a touch screen with intuitive user interface, flexible networking capabilities and accurate monitoring functions make iMEC the optimal choice for sub-acute care. ? At the same time, iMEC is also a patient monitor series with “green” credentials. It reduces your hospital’s ecological footprint and contributes to a sustainable environment. Based on its optimized hardware design, iMEC achieves a 50% lower power consumption compared to conventional patient monitors. This allows for an improved battery life and a fan-less design, providing for a cleaner and quieter care environment.
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New iMEC15 patient monitor has a large 15 inch colour screen that offers intuitive and instant access to all patient information at the point of care. It is configurable with integrated 3/5/12, lead ECG, Resp, SpO2, TEMP, NIBP, 2ch IBP, EtCO2 and C.O. measurements, and is also ready to work with Mindray’s Multi-Gas measurement module. It is suitable for a wide range of clinical applications for more comprehensive care.


BeneVision WorkStation


Mindray’s BeneVision WorkStation delivers real-time, clinically relevant patient information to care teams in locations other than the traditional central station including war-rooms and supporting departments. Our comprehensive Remote View function provides a real-time view of waveforms and parameters, audible/visible alarms and ability to print strips/reports.  Patient data stored on the BeneVision Central Station can also be viewed including events, full disclosure waveforms, and graphical and tabular trends.

Key Features

  • Display/sector layout can be configured independently of BeneVision Central Station layout
  • Supports up to four displays, 16 devices/patients per display, 32 devices/patients per system
  • Straightforward user interface utilizing either touchscreen, or keyboard and mouse
  • View real-time waveforms and parameters
  • Supports audible/visible alarm notification
  • Print real time reports including trends, events, and full disclosure
  • Reset/pause alarms, discharge patients, enable standby
  • Adjust parameter/arrhythmia alarm limits
  • Adjust ST points
  • Start/adjust NIBP intervals
  • Activate Night Mode/Privacy Mode

BeneView T5,T8,T9

BeneView T5, T8 and T9.

Powerful, practical, modular monitoring systems for your Operating Theatres and Critical Care Units.

The BeneView range offers you a selection of fully configurable critical-care monitors suitable for all patient acuity levels and all departments. With powerful functionality, flexible configuration and modular design, the BeneView series gives care teams the information they need, at the bedside or during transport.

The high resolution touchscreen and user-defined layout provide the exceptional visibility and usability needed for the anaesthesia and critical care environment.

  • A choice of 12.1″ (T5), 17″ (T8) and 19″ (T9) Colour TFT Touch Displays
  • Easy to use with quick-action keys and easy to configure touch-screen with ‘large number’ display and up to 12 waveforms (T8 and T9).
  • Fully Modular, the BeneView range gives you the choice of a standard Multi-Parameter Module (MPM) or the enhanced flexibility of the BeneView T1 TDS with integral screen for seamless transfer/transport monitoring.
  • Standard features include 3 or 5 Lead ECG, ST and arrhythmia monitoring, pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure, your choice from Mindray or Nellcor OxiMax® SpO2 technology, respiration, two temperature channels, graphic and list trends of patient data.
  • Options include 12-lead ECG with analysis, up to 8 invasive blood pressure channels, cardiac output, Mindray sidestream, Microstream, or Mainstream CO2 monitoring.
  • Optional multi-gas analysis module offers breath-by-breath measurement of inspired and expired CO2, O2, N20 and 5 anaesthetic agents – including automatic agent identification and age-related MAC calculation.
  • BIS (Bispectral Index), Dual Sp02, EEG, NMT, Pulsion PiCCO and RM (Respiratory Mechanics) modules are also available for advanced monitoring.
  • Wireless or hardwired integration with the Hypervisor Central Monitoring Network.
  • View Other Patient Mode.
  • iView Embedded PC (T8 and T9) option to bring Trust network Clinical Tools directly onto the BeneView.
  • Up to 3 additional, configurable flat-panel displays (T8 and T9) to extend information displays in the most challenging environments.